Thursday, October 8, 2009

Craft fair displays

Hi everyone!  I have been super busy for the last couple of months prepping for 3 different outdoor events.  The first one was Montgomery Day, which was a celebration in the town where my dad teaches.  It was drizzling for a good part of the morning, which kept the crowds away, but I ended up making $93 that day.  My dad knew a couple of my customers, so I can't say that didn't help ;)  The second show was also in Montgomery, but it was held to celebrate the farming community and there were only 5-6 craft vendors.  The people that came out weren't too interested in shopping for crafts.  I made $60, but there was no table fee, so I actually made a nice profit.  The most recent show was in Washingtonville, where I live, but it was held at the Brotherhood Winery, and the crowd was largely teenagers (read: not my crowd).  I only made $42, and my table fee was $70, so I probably won't do that show next year.  I've learned that this whole first year is just going to be trial and error.  :)

My hope is that when I start doing indoor shows next month, since they're actually craft fairs, and not just festivals or whatever, I'll attract the right kind of crowd for my merchandise.  I'm already signed up to do shows in December and November, and I'm thinking about doing 2 more shows in November to take advantage of the season.  I do worry that I won't have enough time to refill my stock, though! 

Anyway, enough rambling... it's good to be back and posting, so please stay tuned for pictures of my cards!

-Suzanne :O )

PS- I brought my cards in to work today at the request of my co-worker, and I ended up making $37!  :)  I'm counting that towards making up for my last not-worth-it show.  ;)


GiftsByHeidi said...

Lovely display Suzanne! So glad you are having fun and making a profit at some of the shows.

Anonymous said...

Wow Suzanne. You sure have been busy. Everything looks so nice. I'm glad you're seeing profits. sorry about your loss on the one. At least you'll know where to go next year and where not to go. I envy you for being able to create so many cards in order to sell. Thanks for sharing what you've been up to.

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