Monday, September 8, 2008

First Birthday Card

I have two brothers- my oldest brother doesn't usually use my cards, but my other brother does. Friday night my oldest brother went to go shopping for his friend's son's birthday party the next day, so in the course of chatting with him about what he was going to get for a gift, he asks if I can make a card! We bickered back and forth (lovingly, of course!) for a bit about how I thought he didn't like to use my cards, but he swore that wasn't true and that he just used one for his girlfriend's graduation (I know I didn't make one), but anyway, long story short, he needed a card for the next day. I didn't want to be crunched for time Saturday morning, so I made the card Friday night even though I was tired and planned on watching bad tv :) I bought the chipboard hippo in a pack of 18 or so from Walmart a year or so ago, and a couple of months ago I found matching paper on clearance, so I put them together (don't you love when you find matching pieces!?) :D I was looking through my swap items and I found this tiny orange hat, which was the perfect size for my hippo friend, so I glued that on him and added some colorful gems :) I matted the piece on mint green paper from the same paper pack, and traced and glued more of that paper on a Basic Grey chipboard "1". I stamped tiny cupcakes on the paper and filed the edges so it would fit perfectly over the chipboard. My only regret is that I didn't ink the "1" with black ink so it would stand out better, but I guess there's always room for improvement. I had a rub-on that said "Happy Birthday to You!", so I used that for the inside of the card. My brother has known his friend Louise since they were in kindergarten together, so I wanted to make this card especially cute :D I hope she and her husband liked it! I hope you all do, too! Thanks for stopping by!

-Suzanne : O )

PS- when Michael was born, the birth announcement said "There's a new sherrif in town!", which I thought was SOOOO cute. So what did my brother get for Michael's gift? A cowboy hat and outfit, of course! TOO CUTE! :D :D :D

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