Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Custom-Made Address Labels!

Hi friends!  I've been away longer than I realized, but I wanted to share a fun project I did recently, that I felt I should make a "tutorial" for, even though it's pretty self-explanatory and totally unnecessary to "spell out" with pictures! :D  I ran out of address labels, so I thought I'd make my own.  I used some cutie pie stamps by Woodware USA and blank Avery labels.  You can see my process in the photos below:

Step 1:  Stamp adorable envelopes to left-hand side of labels.  Forget to pre-print your address.

Step 2:  Finish stamping envelopes on all 30 labels.

Step 3.  Gather a rainbow of markers.

Step 4:  Color each heart on the envelope in rainbow order, starting with pink.

Step 5:  Realize that you forgot to pre-print the address and painstakingly hand write each one.  

Step 6:  Enjoy your new, custom-made address labels, and make each card recipient green with envy of your craftabilities!

I showed these to Chris, and of course he wanted his own set of labels.  He chose a Hero Arts mouse (who's wearing a shirt with plaid shorts, thank you very much.)  This time I remembered to print his address first, and it went SO much faster! LOL  Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed my silly step-by-step tutorial!

-Suzanne :O )


GiftsByHeidi said...

Those turned out great! I got a chuckle out of you forgetting to print the address first. Laughing with you of course, not at you! :) I want to see how Chris' turn out!

babyjsmom said...

I love that idea. Thanks!!!

Sara P said...

Very cute! I don't know why I've never thought of this. Great idea. I am totally doing this for Christmas this year!

Cindy K said...

I LOVE this idea Suzanne! I think I just may give it a try! Now where did you get that cute envelope stamp???

Deb said...

Great idea..Thanks for sharing. Deb P

Gingerbread Gal said...

Great idea! That little envelope is so cute! I want to make some labels now.
:) Rachel

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