Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween doormats

Hi there!  I didn't get this post up as soon as I'd wanted to, but it's the last of my Halloween entries for this year.  I usually get my co-workers a small little something for each major holiday... candy, notepads, candles, you get the idea.  Well, this year, I gave them a big something!  :)  Last December, I had spotted these doormats on clearance at Kohl's.  Originally $17.99, I scooped them up for $3 and change.  I kept them in my closet all year and when October rolled around, I had some regrets about buying such a large item for a small occasion.  I didn't know how I was going to wrap them (or even carry them in to the office, for that matter!).  As luck would have it, I had been at a yard sale recently and came across a short roll of Halloween cellophane (I got the brand-new roll and a small basket for 35 cents!  :D).  I wasn't sure I would have enough wrapping, but for 35 cents, I didn't care if it was a waste!  Sure enough, after rolling the mats and securing them with some heavy-duty twine, the cellophane was just long enough to wrap all 3 mats.  Plus, I got rid of the whole roll in one shot- LOVE not having to keep clutter like that around!  :)  I tied the cellophane off with some super wide ribbon I had in my stash and attached a cute little tag to each gift.


I found the tag die when I was shopping at The Ink Pad (SUPER cool store in NYC... it's crammed with so much stamping/scrapbooking stuff you literally have a tough time walking around to shop!).  It's made by My Favorite Things, but since I don't have a LSS near me, it's tough to find brands like that unless I shop online, which I don't prefer doing.  I was so stoked to find it at The Ink Pad!  :D  Anyway, I die-cut 3 different tags from scraps of patterned paper and stamped "To:" from the coordinating MFT stamp set.  The chipboard pieces are all by Melissa Frances, and I covered them with Doodlebug Sugar Coating.  I wish I had colored the chipboard before adding the glitter because you can see the white base through the glitter, but I just wrote that off as a lesson learned.  :)  You can see each of the tags individually below.  I hope you like my little gifts, belated as my post is!  Thanks so much for stopping by!

-Suzanne :O )

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