Saturday, July 19, 2008

Billy Joel: Last Play at Shea

This has nothing to do with cards, but I just have to post some pictures :D My boyfriend just bought me a new camera (Nikon Coolpix) for "my birthday"... which isn't for another 2 months! He always spoils me... I already had a digital camera, but this one is better and he thought I needed it for my cards and such :D

Anyway, last night, we went to Shea Stadium to see Billy Joel.. they're going to tear down the stadium pretty soon, hence the "Last Play at Shea". He was amazing, as expected, but a little more than halfway through the show, he started to play "We Didn't Start the Fire" and everyone got amped up... but a little TOO amped up, because the stadium started
shaking. The people in front & next to us freaked out and made me and Chris move (we had aisle seats), so of course I started to panic too, thinking the overhang where we were seated was going to fall. I couldn't get rid of the panic, so we spent a good half hour or so "watching" (I put that in quotes because I couldn't see that well with so many people in the way) the concert from the doorway. Eventually, I got the confidence to go sit in our seats again, and then I was able to see again :) Other than that, it was an awesome show, I think there were 55,000 people there and the energy was just crazy.

Mr. Joel had quite a few surprise guests! Tony Bennett came out to sing "New York State of Mind", Garth Brooks sang "Shameless", Steven Tyler came out to do "Walk This Way", Roger Daltry of The Who sang "My Generation" and lastly, Paul McCartney did a few songs, including "Let it Be". The only one I really cared about was Steven Tyler, so I took a video of his performance with my camera.. the quality is terrible, but I thought my brother would like to see it because he loves Aerosmith :) If I can figure out how to post videos, I'll try to post that one, as well as "Piano Man" with yours truly singing along ;) (my sincerest apologies!)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like the pictures and videos!

-Suzanne :O )

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