Friday, July 11, 2008

Making Cards with Mackenzie

On Wednesday, my mom and I spent the day with her best friend's granddaughter, Mackenzie, who is 5 and a BUNDLE of energy! To start the day, we took her shopping for school clothes (she's going to start kindergarten this year and is SO excited). After shopping, we took her to the Chinese buffet (she loves to eat there!) for lunch. When we finished eating, she conned me into buying her some glitter glue at the dollar store nearby ;) I had told her that we were going back to my house to make some cards, so she wanted the glitter to help decorate the cards. When we got back to my house, I had everything set up and ready to go for her- buttons, some stamps, flowers, punches, ribbon, paper, adhesive, etc. I figured she wouldn't have the patience to wait while I got the supplies, so I had laid everything out before we went to pick her up, which I highly recommend to anyone crafting with kids. She did such a cute job on her cards, and she was even thoughtful enough to exclude buttons from her baby sister's card (because "she will eat the buttons!" LOL) When she was making the card for her mom, she kept saying, "Mommy's just going to LOVE the flowers!" She was so proud of herself! :) She REALLY loved using her glitter glue, but I had to watch her because she was piling the glitter on, and I knew it wouldn't dry if she put too much on. She made four cards in all, but we took breaks in between because she had a short attention span. During one of the breaks my mom and I took her out to play mini-golf and got ice cream. When she was done with the cards, I told her to draw a heart and sign her name so everyone would know who the card came from. First, she drew a small heart... then she grinned at me and drew a HUGE heart on the left side of the card because a small heart just wouldn't show how much she loves her family!! :D What a cute kid! I had her make a thank you card for her grandmother because she's been staying with her for the summer, and when Mackenzie gave her the card, I could tell that it REALLY meant a lot to her, so that made my craft project with Mackenzie totally worth it. :) We had her from 10am to 7:30pm, so needless to say I was exhausted after such a long day, but it was really awesome to hang out with her. I hope you'll enjoy looking at her creations!

-Suzanne :O )

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Jennie Skaggs said...

Hi, I missed seeing these looks like you had a lot of fun. jennie

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