Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sailboat Thank You's

Alright, so here's my first picture post- yay! I made 21 of these bad boys for my dad to send to his students. He needed them in a hurry, so I wanted to keep everything simple. The stamp is from Stamps Happen (Designer Clears Summer Fun set), which I just LOVE. I bought them last week on my camping trip to Maine- there was this little stamp store 5 minutes from the campsite, so of course I dragged my boyfriend with me to check it out! ;) Anyway, so I stamped 21 images, then I matted each one with either red or blue paper (I used scraps- hooray!). I colored them in real quick with some markers (I can't remember the brand right now). After I glued the images down, I used a Hero Arts stamp to write "thank you" on the outside and then I was done! Well, after stamping that 21 times, of course. I was happy with the results, as was my dad, and sometimes it's nice to keep things simple. I hope you enjoy!

-Suzanne :O )

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