Saturday, August 2, 2008

First Christmas Card of 2008!

Ta-da! This is my first Christmas card for this year (and it's only August! :D). I made this for jennie_hi's challenge on the PCMB where we had to make a red and black holiday card (not Valentine's Day). I thought that was quite a challenge, as I wouldn't normally consider black for a Christmas card, but I figured I'd give it a shot. I really like how this card turned out, so I'm glad I participated in the challenge! The stamps (carolers, joy to the world, the Lord is come) are by Clearly Wordsworth, the music note brads came in a card making kit from Hot off the Press, and the black paper is by KI Memories (Pop Culture collection, Heiress). I used scraps of green and red for the matting and green, purple and blue scraps for the dresses. I LOOOOVE using up my scraps, I try to do that whenever possible! :D The rest of the image I colored with watercolor pencils.

I had a little trouble with the brads.. on the single eighth notes, the "legs" weren't together, they were on either side of the shape, so I had to punch two separate holes for the "legs"... it was a learning experience for next time :) Anyway, I think this card is super cute.. I wasn't sure when I was ever going to use those brads, and then it all came together when I thought about using black and I remembered I had the carolers stamps.. it all goes together perfectly. Success! :)

I'm not sure how many more cards I'm going to make this year... I have a bunch of leftover cards that I bought at Linens 'n' Things (somehow I ended up getting a free $20 giftcard from my Discover Card, so I bought a box of handmade-looking Christmas cards) ;) I hope to use up those cards first, and then if I need more, of course I'll make them, but I may not need to.

Anyway, enough rambling for tonight.. I hope you enjoy my card! Thanks for stopping by!

-Suzanne :O )

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GiftsByHeidi said...

That turned out so cute! You're right, I wouldn't think to use black on a Christmas card.

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