Friday, August 29, 2008

West Point

Hi everyone! I just wanted to post some pictures of my family and me at West Point last week. We ate at a cafe inside the building where the theater is and we went out to the balcony to take these pictures. The view of the Hudson River is just breath taking- I'm so glad some of the scenery shows up in these pictures! :) We were there to see the national tour of Les Miserables (my mom and I have seen it on Broadway 3 times and this was our second time seeing the national tour.. needless to say it's a favorite!)

My grandmother has been with us three weeks now and she's having a ball. My mom and I have been taking her shopping as much as possible, which she LOVES. Grandma also has her schedule ready for the theater's fall season- next up is Spamalot in October :) I'm so glad she enjoys going to theater as much as my mom and I do... we can't take her to the city, but West Point is only 15-20 minutes away, so that works out for everyone! I won't be able to help my mom as much once I start working, but hopefully we can work out a schedule so I can give my mom a break when I get home from work..... which leads me to my next topic!

Over the past several weeks I've been interviewing at schools, and most recently for social services. The first school I knew during the interview that someone else already had the job (she already works there and she showed up for the interview in capri pants, soooo I knew she was either inappropriate or was just showing up as a formality). The second interview I thought was going well until they asked me to type up a memo- YIKES! I haven't ever had to do that before, and I knew I wasn't doing it right.. so I figured I could just forget about that job. The third interview I was hopeful about because they were only interviewing the top few scorers on the civil service exam, but I got a letter a few days later saying the position was filled. At my last interview, they sort of hinted that I was over qualified, and I'm technically still waiting to hear back from them, but I don't think they'll want to hire someone with a college degree to file papers. Anyway, I was ready to move on.. my plan was to help my mom take care of my grandmother and go to school (online) to become a medical transcriptionist. I was going to sign up this Monday, but.... I got a call yesterday from the "memo interview" school asking if I was still interested! It was totally unexpected, and of course I said yes. When I got my last job, I was screaming and hollering all over my house because they offered me $5,000 more than I had asked for and it was my first "big girl job". This job I'm not nearly as excited about- the salary is a lot less AND there's a crazy mountain I'll have to drive over every day that I'm dreading in the snow. My hope is that I won't have to worry because when it snows, the school will be closed, buttt... there's always that chance that it'll be snowing as I'm driving home, but I'll just have to deal with it if it happens. Otherwise, I'm excited.... there were 3 positions open and they thought with my degree in psychology, I'd be perfect in the guidance office, which is okay with me! I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing, but I'm excited to work in a school... I'll be working 7-3, I'll have school holidays and snow days off, and I enjoy being around kids. Hopefully I'll be able to work my way up with this job, too. If the school board approves me, which I'm 99% sure they will, I'll start working on the 15th. Now it's time to go shopping for clothes...! :D

Well, I think I've chatted enough for one night.. thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

-Suzanne :o )

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