Monday, March 9, 2009

Use It! Challenge #1

Hi everyone!!! I am SO excited about this post, as it the first challenge at Use It!, which is hosted by the super talented Rae Barthel! The idea behind her challenges is to use what you've got, instead of choosing to use only new products. I think it's really going to help me pay attention to my stash and help clear out some of my old stuff that I don't use as often anymore. I think it's also going to encourage me to see my old stuff as new again, and that's a huge part of being creative isn't it? :)

For this challenge, Rae asked us to:

♦Dig through your stash and use one of your FAVORITE papers♦

♦use something (anything) that you have NEVER used before♦

♦use some ribbon♦

♦use a button♦

I have quickly become a girl who LOVES a challenge, so I got right to it when I got home from work today. I loosely based my card off of Rae's example, and I really love how this card came out.

The pink background paper is Making Memories and the Easter paper (one of my favorites, it's so cute!) is DCWV Spring Stack. I'm thrilled to say that I used up (YAY!) a spool of American Crafts ribbon (green gingham) and the purple ribbon on the buttons is from some sort of packaging that I saved (I love being thrifty!). I was thrilled when I remembered I had these large buttons (foof-a-la Bag o' Buttons- Savannah) I wanted to use up. They're so big they don't fit in my button jars, so they're just sort of hanging around. I think this is exactly what this challenge is supposed to be about! :D The something (anything) that I had NEVER used before is the clear transparency ribbon by Junkitz. I felt I had to put white cardstock behind it so the colors would show up, but all in all, I think it's a pretty fun card and I don't think it looks *old* at all!

I have to say, I was a little disappointed when I saw Rae's example for the challenge- her card didn't look *old* either! LOL I thought to myself, "oh great, this is going to be another one of those blogs where everything looks trendy" but once I finished my card I got the whole point about using old supplies in a new way, so cheers to Rae for helping me think outside the box! I hope you'll check out her blog and participate- the more the merrier! Thanks for stopping by!!!

-Suzanne :O )


rae said...

You ROCKED the challenge girl!!! ;)
I just LOVED reading what you used and the story behind what you used. Yes, 'using' our stuff is what I intended for us all, some of our stuff may be older/newer that others, but like you said, it's the seeing the old as new again that I'd love if we could all rally around :)
Fabulous job, your card is absolutely darling, thank you SO much for playing along and for your kind words ;)
Have a great evening Suzanne!

GiftsByHeidi said...

What a cute card! You're right, it doesn't look like you used old stuff. I'm going to check it out and try to participate.

ant me. said...

Great job!! Suzanne : ) I love your card! and I am excited about
Rae's challenge as well! I hope I can do as well as you did.


Daniela said...

Love your card!!! I had so much fun with this challenge.

Anonymous said...

suzanne, your card is totally cute and of course it doesn't look "old" LOL


Basement Stamper said...

Great card and I think I had the same idea as you, but the stuff always looks "new" once the whole card is created!

Patricia said...

Hey there,

Thank you for the comment on my blog, you also made a very cute card!!

This was my first challenge!!

See ya next week!! :P

Janice W. said...

Suzanne you did an awesome job with Rae's challenge. Such a cute card!

Heidi Van Laar said...

This is super cute! Awesome job on the challenge!

(-: Heidi

ant me. said...

Hi Suzanne I left you a comment on the PCMB - do you think you could help me with getting Rae's "Use It" picture on my blog?? I can't figure out how to get it posted so it is crisp and clean like yours. Thanks a bunch!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Awesome card! And I must check out the Use It! site. I am always saying how much I want to use up my stash and 2009 is the year I plan to do just that. Enjoyed visiting your blog! :)

Jess said...

Cute card! This sounds like a fun blog and I might have to give this challenge a shot. There are so many challenge blogs out there its hard to pick which ones to do each week.

Susan Coish said...

Very cute card!! I think I'm going to really love this, getting rid of my old stuff!

Anonymous said...

super cute!! And nothing looks old. I'm going to have to see about this challenge all you girls are into! Looks like fun!

Great card!

dannisdoodles said...

this is so cuuuuute! i ♥ your card!

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