Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Craft Fair Merchandise: Tea Sets

Hi friends!  The next installment in the craft fair series is the tea gift set.  I found picked up several different tea pots or mug sets throughout the year with the idea that I would package them as a gift set.  I wound up with 6 different tea pots/mugs, so I bought several boxes of tea and packaged them in clear 3 x 3" boxes from Denami Design.  I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the contents before I wrapped them in cellophane, but that's what I get for crafting in a frenzy!  :)  The baskets needed a little something else, and I had originally wanted to get individually wrapped biscotti so they would stay fresh, but they were hard to find.  I did however find individually wrapped packages of vanilla wafters (about half the size of a normal package), so I wrapped some cute patterned paper around each package (you can see them peeking out if you zoom in) to dress them up.  

Of course I couldn't stop with just the contents of the basket, I had to make tags for each basket!  :)  I used various stamp sets and some kraft tags I had in my stash to add to the handmade feel.  Surprisingly, the baskets sold pretty well!  I sold them for $10 each and only had one left at the end of the season.  I gave that "you're tea-riffic" basket to my Secret Santa who is a physics teacher, so it all worked out in the end.  :)  

I'll be back tomorrow with a few more food gift ideas!  Thanks for stopping by today!

-Suzanne :O )

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