Sunday, January 6, 2013

Post-it Notepads

Hi there!  I almost forgot to get today's post in- I've been out and about with my honey and the day nearly got away from me!  :)  Challenging myself to post every day this month has really pushed me to share my creations though, and I didn't want to let myself down so I'm squeaking this post in now.  Today I'm sharing the last of my Christmas projects- some notebooks made for my dad to give to his students.

I used these awesome boards from Arnold Grummer (you get two square pieces of chipboard for the front and back covers and a thin piece for the spine).  There's a template you use to trace onto patterned paper; after you cut out the template, you glue the boards down and cover up the middle with another strip of paper.  I may have made that sound complicated and/or time consuming, but it's totally not because it's all straight cuts, so I use my paper trimmer and it gets done in a flash.  If anyone's interested, I can show you the process step by step.

I wanted to decorate the covers minimally because I had 24 to make, and of course didn't have much time.  The snow globes came together with help from some Papertrey Ink dies and stamps:  Winter Snow Globe.  I'm not thrilled with the red ink I used... I wish it was a deeper red, but that's all I had on hand.  Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with how easily and quickly these came together!  My dad packaged them with some pencils, and his kids' gifts were all set and cheap to make, too!- I think each set of boards cost maybe 25 cents, and the post-its were purchased for less than $4 for a pack of 12).  Here's a closer look:

Well that's it for today!  If you want to see how these books are made, please leave a comment and I'll do a tutorial for you.  What's great about these boards is that you can decorate them with any patterned paper and make totally customized gifts!  :)  Hope you like them, thanks so much for stopping by!

-Suzanne :O )

Oh, PS-  I forgot to post these pictures when I did my Christmas card post.  I made them at the last minute and they weren't photographed at the time all the others were, so here they are now:

This was a super simple card- patterned paper and a Rudolph sentiment adhered with a snowflake brad.  Seriously took 3 minutes to make.  :D

This set was made with some penguin stickers, Doodlebug patterned papers, and various red ribbons.  I thought the black cardstock helped pull the look together with the black on the penguins.  :)

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