Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Craft Fair Photos

Hi friends!  Today I'm sharing pictures from my Christmas craft fairs.  I did two shows, one on a Saturday, the other the next day. The picture above is the center table at the first craft fair.   You can see the banner I made, in rainbow colors, of course, that says "The Card Garden."  LOVE!  :)  I haven't totally figured out how to get it to hang securely, but using some picnic table clamps seems to be working okay for now.  That table had lots Christmas cards and some Thanksgiving/fall themed cards (it was the weekend before Thanksgiving, I believe).  I also made some Thanksgiving themed pencil packs, which I sold for $1.

The table below had my super popular snowman soup and cake-in-a-cup mugs.  I amassed 62 mugs throughout the year, picked up from thrift stores and garage sales, usually for just a quarter.  When I first realized just how many mugs I had, I panicked thinking that I went overboard, but it turns out I didn't!  As you can see, the table was fully stocked, so I had two copy paper boxes beneath the table that people started to pull out and rummage through once they realized there were additional mug choices.  Many people bought 5-10 mugs each, so they went fast!  I sold these for $3 each, and a couple of people told me I wasn't charging enough!  :)

The cake-in-a-cup mugs also sold really well; I believe I sold 12 or 13 mugs at the first show, out of the 16 I started with.  I also had a bunch of snowman soup packets (for $1 each) in the basket, and those sold out on by the end of the first day.  Some girl had been looking in my booth at one point, but hemmed and hawed about getting the packets.  When she came back later, I heard her say to her friend, "oh, there are only eight left."  I asked her how many she needed, and she said ten, so I put two extra packets together while she waited.  I had brought the materials to make 50 more packets, but my booth had been so busy that day, I never got a chance to work on them!  Anyway, once I was done scrambling to fill her order, I set to work on the other 48 packets and filled my basket up.  You can't hem and haw, people, I can't keep up!!  LOL!  I started out with 150 packets all together, including the ones used in the mugs, and I only had 7 packets left, and that's because one of the craft fairs I signed up to do got canceled on me.  Needless to say, snowman soup is always my biggest seller!

Okay, so the last table was set up with all of my office-y type products.  I'm not sure how clearly you can see everything, but in the back I have a basket with handmade tags, some altered composition books, gift card holders and lots of post-it note pads.

These magnetic clips were a BIG hit.  I sold 15 out of 16 on the first day!  I bought clothespins at the dollar store, decorated them with some Authentique paper and added strips of magnets to the back.  I sold them for $3- people loved their practicality!

These post-it notes were copied from Kerry.  I know she sells them like hotcakes, but I think I only sold one or two.  I have a ton left over.. perhaps I'll get around to posting them in my etsy shop some day.  They're made from plastic picture frames and patterned paper.  I don't know if I was charging too much ($4) or if people didn't like the paper or what.  Maybe if I had sold them with pens like Kerry does, that would have convinced people to buy.  I'll have to try again and see if I do any better with them.  :)

These next few pictures are from day two of my craft fairs.  This show provided the table, so you can see that I had to smush whatever I had left onto an eight foot table.  I think I only had one of the magnetic clips left, and those sold, along with many more mugs and handmade tags/gift card holders.

That's pretty much it for today.  Thanks for bearing with me through the long post, and if you have any questions about anything you see on the tables but I didn't mention, please let me know.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
-Suzanne :O )

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