Friday, January 7, 2011

Picture Parade: Christmas thank yous

Good morning, friends!  I stayed home from work yesterday with my yucky cold, but I'm feeling a bit better now.  Fortunately for me, today school is closed because of the 3-4 inches of snow we're supposed to get!  I didn't feel sick enough to stay home again, but I'm SO glad I get to stay in my pjs and rest a little more today.  :)

Today I have my Christmas thank you cards to share.  I'm making it a tradition for myself to only use scraps on my thank you cards, and it's a pretty good way to keep my scrap pile down.  I used lots of random embellishments from my stash that I wanted to use up, and a stamp set from Clear and Simple Stamps that was a life saver!  I got it for free at a show because I spent a ton of money at their booth, so I'm not sure you can buy it, but I'm really happy I have it.  It's all different sizes, fonts, and ways to say "thank you".  I LOVE this set, especially when I'm working on a project like this- it was so easy to pick the right sentiment from this one stamp set rather than going through all of my stamps to get a sentiment that matched the card style and the physical space I needed to fill on the card.  Okay, enough rambling, on to the cards!  Thanks for stopping by today, hope you all stay cozy and warm!  I'm off to start working on Valentine's Day cards...

-Suzanne :O )

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